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iconic_writings's Journal

Iconic Writings - A Writing and Graphics Challenge
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This community is meant to be a means of sharing avatars and writings. It's encouraged that you do one or the other, but both are allowed as well. Here we offer various challenge lists, inspired by various challenge lists found all over the internet. As with most communities, there are a few rules that must be followed.

1. Only one fandom per challenge list at a time, meaning, you can do up to however many challenge lists there are at a time.

2. You must claim whatever you want to write or create graphics for. Whether it be a specific show, character, pairing, or setting.

3. Some challenges can be interpreted loosely, depending on different locations. Some examples will be given with the posted lists.

4. Claims are on a first come first claim basis, though a claim can be taken by three people.

5. You can make suggestions for the next lists of challenges, which will be posted once fifty suggestions have been made.

6. While introductions to stories are fine, please place all fics behind LJ-cuts. This means Title, author, rating and summary are fine, but full text is to be placed behind an LJ Cut. The same pretty much goes for graphics such as avatars, wallpapers and the like. Three teaser avatars are fine, but please put the rest behind cuts. This is a courtesy to those members who use dial up.

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scream_creation - Doctor Who - Doctor/Rose - Fiction - List Two

Challenge Lists:
List One
List Two

Completed Claims: