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By: Maetel

Rating: M15 maybe

Word Count: 405

Characters: 10/Rose.

Summary: Based on </a></b></a>iconic_writings' Challenge 2-40: Naked. What happens when The Doctor's glasses have been augmented thanks to a seeming sonic screwdriver mishap?

Author's Note: I think I need to stop writing at 1 in the morning... Short rather goofy longer drabble-types. Anyways, enjoy and feel free to comment.

There's no way you're getting these back. I'm not letting you see anymore of me with these! )
Title: A Hand to Hold
Author: Me
Rating: G
Word Count: 1413
Summary: Response to iconic_writings' challenge 2 07: Garden. Set after The Unquiet Dead, Rose finds her way into one of the rooms of the TARDIS, and finds herself thinking back on the life she's now leading.
Author's Note: Just a bit of niceness. I feel like I'm full of oddly sweet scenes this weekend. I don't know why.

A Hand To Hold )

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Title: Red
Author: Me, Amy, AKA Maetel
Pairing: Doctor/Rose
Rating: PG (Implied naughty thoughts.)
Word Count: 867
Summary: Based on iconic_writings' challenge 2-03: Candy. Rose, a sucker, and the Doctor. Need I say more? Inspired loosely by Kalleah's Imperative. Set during the first series.
Author's Note: Another challenge response from yours truly. Thanks to all of the people who replied to my last work, Disbelief. Enjoy the story.

Did the blonde actually realize the effect she had on him? )

X-Posted to dwfiction, iamthebadwolf, and time_and_chips
Title: Disbelief
Author: Me, Amy, aka Maetel on fanfiction.net
Rating: G
Summary: Based on </a></b></a>iconic_writings Challenge 2-22 "Kiss." Set post New Earth, The Doctor can't seem to get past what happened on New Earth.
Pairing: 10/Rose
Author's Note: This is my first challenge response for the new community. That and I felt like writing my own brand of fluff. I'll be writing more later on, as well as working on a few other fics I need to work on. BTW, any comments are appreciated.

Disbelief Rated G )
Please post all claims here in replies. I'll update the list as claims are made.

Please include your user name, the series, what characters or part of the series you're basing your submissions on, and what you're going to be doing (graphics or fiction or both if you want).


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